🤖 Useful commands

Lists of commands I use often, but also forget often.


Security & privacy

Make a password encrypted backup of a directory
Decrypt an encrypted directory


Make a Dockerfile run forever so you can debug it
k8s manifest example - certificate
k8s manifest example - deployment
k8s manifest example - ingress with a private /admin space
k8s manifest example - service


Add user to www-data
set www-data to owner of folder
Change folder permissions
Change file permissions
Create symbolic link between sites-available and sites-enabled
Backup folder to AWS S3 using the AWS cli
Cron job schedule for backups

Web dev & DevOps

Create self-signed certificate for local use
Port forward a remote port to a local one
Very handy for using local software with remote data
MySQL example: ssh user@server -L 3307:localhost:3306
localhost:3307 now works locally as localhost:3306 works on the server
XMLHttpRequest for formdata


Create a self-signed certificate
NOTE: Requires admin
Install Chocolatey
NOTE: Requires admin