Are cookies really the most important thing for your business?

Author: Bjørnar Hagen

Date published: 2021-07-08T22:04:54Z

Are cookies really the most important thing for your business?

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The number one priority for so many businesses these days seem to be to get your oh so precious consent in order track you with cookies, and don’t you dare do anything on their website before you’ve given it!

I’m actually somewhat flabbergasted at what many websites have become, it seems businesses need to sit down and think about what the point of their website is.

Let’s look at an example:

Telenor mandatory cookie consent screen Welcome to Telenor! We use cookies to track you! It’s very important for us that you allow us to track you, please.

Ok great, no thanks Telenor. I’ll just head over to Altibox instead

Altibox mandatory cookie consent screen

Ah … maybe not after all.

Let’s look at how it can (and should) be done, shall we? website The cookie consent pop-up on is out of the way, allowing you to actually consume the news. website

And can you believe it? A websites in EU with no cookie consent pop-up? How can this be?

This part is pretty complex and technical, so bear with me here. Here is an exhaustive list outlining how you can make your website without a cookie consent:

  1. Don’t spy on people

No but really, how?

Really, just don’t use tracking software.

Make it your business’ number one priority to sell your products/services and de-prioritized spying on people.

It’s actually possible to make a good product/service without spying on people.